The man behind Srishti

R. Vijayakumar started Srishti Digilife Pvt. Ltd. in 2007, and since then, there has been no looking back. Started initially with a small setup in India, today, Srishti Digilife is spread over 5 countries, and represents over 15 of the world’s finest imaging brands. However, at its core, Srishti still has the same humble values upon which it was founded and manages to make a lasting connection with people.

Vijay’s enthusiasm and appreciation for photography knows no bounds, and he is constantly coming up with ways to promote the art of photography amongst the general public, especially young children, as they are the future of the industry. He has built a relationship with not only some of the top professional photographers in the field, but also amateur photographers, photography students, and other photography lovers.

Vijay believes that in order to learn and grow holistically, one must travel to a variety of places, imbibing different cultures, each with their own unique beauty. Though not a professional photographer himself, Vijay has recently ventured into the field of photography, capturing the essence of the places he travels to, bringing back with him a piece of each place. Just as he is always on the lookout for different perspectives and angles to make his photos more unique, he also approaches problems the same way – with a different point of view.

Vijay devotes an enormous amount of his time and income to fulfilling his Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), having started in 2005. He believes that his assistance shouldn’t be a one-time thing, like the distribution of freebies or a certain amount of money. Rather, he believes in tackling the underlying cause of the problem at hand. This was the rationale behind the building of temples in a small village. Not only does this provide stable jobs for the people of the village, the materials used in the rituals performed enrich the soil. Rich patrons of the temple also make it a point to provide free meals for the underprivileged. Thus, a single act of goodwill continues, benefitting more people by the day, even boosting the economy of the small town. He believes it is his duty to aid the underprivileged, be it lending a helping hand to women from low-income backgrounds so they may become financially independent, helping educate children without access to proper schools, or even opening up his office doors to shelter an abandoned puppy.

Genuinely interested in each and every one of his employee’s wellbeing, he makes it a point to encourage others, and to this day, is a man who is willing to stretch out a hand to help someone in need.

Perhaps unlike others in this field, Vijay did not choose the photography industry from the get-go. Rather, it was something he slowly waded into, and thank goodness for us that he did.